Tidewater Z-Car Club

Constitution and By-laws

Article I

Section I: Name

The official name of this club shall be “Tidewater Z-Car Club” [hereinafter referred to as “Club”]

Section II: Purpose

The club is a non-profit organization formed to promote interest, aid, and fellowship in Datsun Z/ZX automobiles through technical, competitive, and social activities.

Section III: Specific Club Goals

  1. To promote safe driving habits and driving skills by stressing the “three C’s” of road safety: CARE, COURTESY, and COMMON SENSE.
  2. To plan and regulate functions and/or activities which provide a pleasurable environment for the specific enjoyment of the ownership and operation of “Z” automobiles.
  3. To plan and regulate functions and/or activities designed to further the Club’s purpose, including, but not limited to, technical sessions, assistance in dealing with local repair establishments and help in acquiring difficult-to-find parts.
  4. To create a forum for both sharing information relevant to the promotion of the Z-car and socializing with others who share our interest.

Article II

Section I: Membership

  • 1. The term “member” applies to any person holding title to or possessing a Datsun/Nissan Z-car and/or any of the Z-car fore-runners (Roadster and “Fairlady” models”), Nissan GTR and Infinity G and Q series whose annual dues are current.
  • 2. The term “Family Member” applies to any two people whose annual dues are current and one of whom meets the automotive criteria contained in Article II, Section I, Paragraph 1.
  • 3. The term “Honorary Member” applies to those elected to this type of membership for special recognition by the Club. Honorary Members are not assessed annual dues.
  • 4. The term associate member applies to any person applying for membership that does not own an applicable vehicle or members of other Z-Car clubs.

Section II: Annual Dues

  • 1. Annual dues are due each year by the end of the 12th¬†month.
  • 2. A two month grace period will be granted for any member to become current.
  • 3. Annual dues are assessed as follows:
  • a. $40.00 for an annual membership
  • b. $45.00 for an annual family membership
  • c. $15.00 for an annual associate membership

Any member in good standing (i.e. annual dues are current) who enters the Armed Forces of The United States will be automatically granted honorary member status while on active duty.

Section III: Membership Cards

  • 1. Membership cards will be issued for one year from the member’s renewal month upon the Treasurer receiving the member’s annual dues.
  • 2. Each membership card will expire annually on the last day of the member’s renewal month.
  • 3. A family membership is entitled to two membership cards with the same membership number.
  • 4. Honorary members will be entitled to a renewed membership card each year upon receiving majority vote of the membership in attendance during the month the honorary member was first elected.
  • 5. Each member receiving a membership card agrees to return their membership card if they resign or are expelled from the Club.

Section IV: Participation

  • 1. All members and “Family” members are eligible to cast one vote each.
  • 2. Honorary & Associate members are not eligible to vote.
  • 3. All members, Family members, and Honorary members, and Associate members are eligible to participate at functions and/or activities open only to club members.

Section V: Resignation

Any member may resign from the Club at their discretion by:

  • 1. Writing a letter of resignation to the Secretary.
  • 2. Enclosing their membership card.
  • 3. Resignations become effective when received by the Secretary, providing the member resigning has no indebtedness to the Club.

Section VI: Expulsion

  • 1. A member of the Club may be expelled from the Club for:
  • 1. Non-payment of annual dues; and/or
  • 2. Breaching Club by-laws and rules; and/or
  • 3. Bringing unwanted negative publicity to bear on the Club.
  • 2. No member may be expelled from the Club unless the following procedure is strictly adhered to by both the member and the Club.
  • 1. A recommendation to expel a member must be submitted, in writing, to a Club Officer outlining the specific reason(s) for the expulsion recommendation.
  • 2. A special meeting of the Officers will be called to review the expulsion recommendation with both the initiator and the member recommended for expulsion in attendance.
  • 3. The officers will review the recommendation, try to obtain independent additional information, and vote on whether to accept or reject the expulsion recommendation.
  • 4. If the officers vote to reject the expulsion recommendation, both the initiator of the recommendation and the member recommended for expulsion will be contacted by the President to explain the officers’ decision.
  • 5. If the officers vote to accept the recommendation, the member recommended for expulsion will be offered the option of either resigning from the Club or participating at the next scheduled Club meeting when the subject of the recommended expulsion will be presented for a vote by all members present.
  • 6. If the member opts to resign, it will be in accordance with the by-laws covering resignation.
  • 7. If the member opts for membership vote, expulsion will be determined by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next regularly scheduled Club meeting.


Section I: Officers

  • 1. The Club’s officers shall be the President, Vice-President of Administration, Vice-President of Activities, Treasurer, and Secretary. Collectively they shall be referred to as the Executive Board.
  • 2. Each officer shall hold term for one year or until such time as their successors are elected or qualified.
  • 3. No member may hold more than one elected office.

Section II: Nomination of Officers

  • 1. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the monthly meetings in October and November.
  • 2. Write-in nominations must be post-marked by November 1st.
  • 3. No member shall accept nominations for more than one office.
  • 4. Incumbents are eligible for nomination.
  • 5. Only current members with at least one years membership are eligible for nomination.

Section III: Election of Officers

  • 1. Voting for officers shall take place at the December monthly meeting.
  • 2. All voting shall take place by written ballot.
  • 3. Members not attending the December meeting should call or email their vote to the chair of the nomination committee NLT the Sunday prior to the December meeting.
  • 4. Absentee ballots must be received by the Secretary no later than December 1st of the nomination year.
  • 5. The election results will be announced at the end of December monthly meeting.
  • 6. In the event of a tie, those members attending the December monthly meeting will re-cast ballots to break the tie. Absentee ballots will not be counted.
  • 7. Officers will be installed at the Club’s January monthly meeting and assume their elected office immediately.

Section IV: Officer Responsibilities

  1. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Club with the following responsibilities:
    1. Ensure the Club operates within the parameters established by the Club’s Constitution and the by-laws.
    2. Conduct regular monthly meetings.
    3. Call and conduct special meetings.
    4. Represent the Club at various functions as required.
    5. Appoint committees as required.
  2. The Vice-President of Administration shall:
    1. Assume the responsibilities of the office of President whenever the President is unavailable.
    2. Act as liaison between various committees and the Board as well as other committees.
    3. Actively pursue advertising contracts for the Newsletter.
    4. Work with the Treasurer on establishing operating budgets for club functions.
  3. The Treasurer shall:
    1. Assume the responsibilities of the Office of the President whenever both the President and Vice-President are unavailable.
    2. Maintain an accurate record of the Club’s finances.
    3. Keep safe and accurate the Club’s historical financial records.
    4. Receive funds for the club.
    5. Disburse funds as authorized by the Board.
    6. Present a statement of the Club’s finances at each monthly meeting.
    7. Maintain a checking account for the Club, with the provision that all checks be approved by a majority of Board member.
  4. The Secretary Shall:
    1. Assume the responsibilities of the Office of the President whenever both the President and Vice-President are unavailable.
    2. Record the minutes of Club meetings.
    3. Maintain a roster of all current Club members.
    4. Give notice of meetings as required.
    5. Record the attendance at Club meetings and functions.
    6. Keep the historical Club records (i.e. scrapbooks, etc.).
  5. The Membership Chairperson (Appointed by the Board) shall:
    1. Maintain membership-related paraphernalia such as membership cards, membership stickers, etc.
    2. Coordinate with the V.P.-Activities on items such as membership drives and publicity.
    3. Coordinate with the Secretary to ensure members coming up on renewal are properly notified.
    4. Maintain Club paraphernalia such as T-shirts etc. for sale and coordinate with the Treasurer to account for the monies received.
  6. The Technical Chairperson (Appointed by the Board) shall:
    1. Schedule and execute technical seminars for the Club.
    2. Schedule guest-speakers for Club monthly meetings.
  1. The Chairperson of Activities (Appointed by the Board)  shall:
    1. Schedule, coordinate and execute club events, once approved by the Board, including but not limited to:
      1. Road Rallies
      2. Autocrosses
      3. Car shows and Concourses
      4. Parties, including annuals (i.e. Christmas)
      5. Movie nights, etc.
    2. Assure that a balanced mix is attained between autosport events (i.e. Solo events) and social events (i.e. parties).
    3. Coordinate with the V.P.-Administration and the Treasurer to submit budgets for approval for the various functions.
    4. Coordinate with the Membership Chairman on membership drives and membership-related events.
  1. All Officers and Chairpersons shall submit articles for the monthly newsletter.

Section V: Conflict of Interest

Any Club officer officially associated with a Club sponsor, advertiser, or supporter in any manner whatsoever (i.e. employee) will automatically abstain from any and all decisions affecting such a Club sponsor, advertiser, or supporter and abstain from any and all decisions impacting others in a similar endeavor or field of work.


Section I: Regular Monthly Meetings

  • 1. Regular monthly meetings will be held at a time and place to be decided by the membership and disseminated to all of the Club’s members.
  • 2. In the event of rescheduling the monthly meeting, all members will be notified as soon as possible.
  • 3. Except as specified elsewhere in the Club’s by-laws, all voting at the monthly meetings shall be by simple majority.


Section I: Committees

  • 1. The President shall appoint such committees as required to conduct Club activities. The responsibilities of each committee shall be clearly defined.
  • 2. Each committee will be comprised of an odd number of members.
  • 3. All committee votes shall be by simple majority.

Section II: Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws

  • 1. Any Officer or vote eligible Member of the club in good standing may propose amendments.
  • 2. All amendments must be submitted to the Secretary in writing.
  • 3. The exact amendment will be presented in the next newsletter to inform all members of the proposed changes(s).
  • 4. Voting on the amendment shall be by written ballot and follow the same procedure as the voting to elect officers.